Protegiendo el presente... Asegurando el futuro...
Protegiendo el presente...        Asegurando el futuro...

About us

Founded in 2010 by retired Special Forces veterans, ack3 has built a solid reputation for designing and implementing tailor made programs for costumers' mission accomplishment.


Special Forces are sometimes referred to as "force multipliers" and in fact that term implies a distinctive conceptual approach: ack3 CEO, Board of Directors and seasoned leadership applies discretion, loyalty, creativity and well-structured solutionsto ensure customers - either government or commercial entities, achieve their planed goals in a cost-effective manner.


Under ack3's conception, Critical Missions Support needs to be based on the understanding that people, assets and reputationare extremely valuable. Our plans will be focused on mission success and keeping customer's operations safe by relying on superior planning, training and technology.

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